Diana Stewart

Federal Way, Washington - Diana was the first person we interviewed on our trip, and we we’re more nervous to sit down and talk than she was. Diana’s husband Bob and was a teacher at Federal Way High School. His profession as a public educator and his fitness made the diagnosis of mesothelioma all the more shocking as he never knowingly was exposed to asbestos. Diana was widowed by asbestos and shared most of her life story with us. We couldn’t have been more grateful to start out our trip with the knowledge we gained from her family’s story.



Gina Guinn

Rigby, Idaho - Meeting Gina came at a perfect time for us on the trip. Gina is the widow of Bob Guinn who was exposed to asbestos from working with contaminated drywall mud and cement. We learned that there are numerous ways to be exposed to asbestos and were again broken by an increasingly familiar story about what the disease does to families.



Latanyata Manuel

Canton, Michigan - Listening to Latanyata’s talk about her husband Andrew we couldn’t help but think we wish we could have met him. A bewildering and devastating disease caused by a mineral that as Latanyata says, she had no clue was such a lethal killer. Again, we were broken over the tragedy of another innocent sufferer.



Jill and Nancy Waite

Ontario, Ohio - Bruce Waite was the kind of man that loved to run, and kept a log to remind himself of the all the miles he was able to run in his life (7600 miles!). Jill, Bruce’s Daughter, and Nancy, his wife, taught us that the affects of mesothelioma might not look like what we would expect. They also taught us how many places asbestos was prevalent in the environments Bruce worked in throughout his life.



Sheff Sweet

Ashland, Ohio - Sheff lost his wife Bobbi Sweet 7 months before we met. We grieved with him as he reflected on their life together and their battle with this rare cancer. A similar exposure story to what we knew about grandma. No matter how many people we got to talk to, stories about what asbestos does to the body is utterly heartbreaking.



Robert Northrup (deceased)

Wilmington, North Carolina - It’s with great sadness that we share that Robert lost his battle with Mesothelioma in December of 2017. This was the last person we got to talk to on our trip, and the third person we talked to who had been diagnosed with the cancer. We left the interview hopeful for his recovery from surgery and moved by his hope that by sharing his story, it could help someone down the road.