Eat a Snickers

You don't make good copy when you're hungry. 

What a glorious day! The annual Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated just hit the shelves for 2018. This issue continues to thrive in a increasingly paperless world. I can't tell you the last time I picked up a magazine that wasn't delivered to my house without my consent. 

This year's edition caught my eye, and not for the reason you're thinking. 

I picked it up and flipped through, then landed on the back cover. There it is. A pretty eyed blonde with....well that's about all you see of her. She'd covered head to toe in a hazmat suit with a respirator strapped across her nose and mouth. Don't worry, she's wearing a bikini over it all. It reads, "Goddesses of Asbestos Removal" and man does this make me want a Snickers bar! 


Some would say the back cover of a magazine is the second most important cover of the magazine so Snickers bout this space to display another installment of their, "You're not you when you're hungry". This slogan is 1000% true for me. I require some sort of food source to be nearby at all times to avoid fairly irrational spurts of anger and lethargy. Anyway, the idea is: don't brainstorm swimsuit issue ideas while you're hungry. Funny, right? The ad continues inside of the back cover where there is a pitch board of other horrible ideas. The goddesses of asbestos removal are joined by: "The Broken Glass Issue", "Watch These Fair Maidens Refresh Their Email", "The Sitch by the Drainage Ditch", and quite a few more. 

We totally get it. Asbestos removal isn't sexy whatsoever. The model is covered from head to toe in a hazmat suit and doing a blue collar job. There's no way this could be construed as appropriate for the SI Swimsuit edition and ,yes, it is a horrible idea for an issue theme. 

We get the joke. That's why we made a movie about it! BUT people should care about asbestos and they don't because the harmful affects of asbestos have been completely swept under the rug. For decades corporations have been skewing what we hear and know about asbestos to save their own skin and wallets. They've even gone as far as to pay medical professionals to vocally discredit the work of doctors who specialize in asbestos related disease research. That's why no one knows about it.

There are some people who don't want you to know about it. And now we're at the point now where it's the punchline of the joke - only furthering the American people from understanding the hazards of asbestos.  

Conor sums it up pretty well:

"It’s hard because anytime asbestos is being brought up it’s a good thing - it brings it into the public consciousness. I’ve laughed at many jokes on TV about asbestos (my fav is from Futurama where Fry gets rich and moves into an “authentic” 20th century apt w/ original asbestos). In fact I love subverting and making jokes about hard things. I think comedy is a vital part of healing from hard situations. We make some jokes about asbestos in our film. @asbestosmovie even opens with a joke about those #mesothelioma commercials that you see on late night tv (which are hilariously bad most of the time - DM me if you are interested in having me make an innovative #meso commercial). At the end of the day - I want to joke about #asbestos! BUT I also want people to know the true dangers of this material. That’s all. It’s the butt of the joke but people don’t really realize the how big that butt is (see I made a small joke). 

So follow @asbestosmovie and do your research. And while your at it make a joke about it too. In fact I applaud the concept they put out for @SI_Swimsuit @SNICKERS - it’s fairly accurate from a safety perspective and well conceived concept. But remember asbestos kills people. I know first hand.

So let’s talk @SNICKERS @SI_Swimsuit @SInow I know @Zjohn893 and I are willing and ready to pose (I look great in spandex)!" -Conor B Lewis


Zack Johnson