By Way of Introduction

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Welcome to “Dirty Laundry”. We’re glad you’ve found us and want to know more about our story and who we are.

We are cousin’s, Conor B. Lewis, and Zack Johnson. Well, actually 1st cousins once removed, but we’ll get to that later. A few years ago, we were working together at a small startup when we began to reminisce about our grandmother. She had recently died of Mesothelioma, a cancer we didn’t know anything about other than seeing the name on billboards around town and on tv when in high school and stayed up watching TV until the early hours of morning. But as morbid as it sounds, neither us of were really shocked that she died of cancer. That’s just what happens you when get old, so we thought.

But we were wrong.

What we learned through that time was shocking and disheartening.

‘How did we not know about this tragedy?’

Knowing what we found out, the next question was, ‘What will we do with what we know now?’.

Zack had journalism training in college and Conor had previously worked for a commercial advertising agency. We both had skills and passions in making films and telling stories. But had never made a feature film.

A well meaning, yet naive idea was posed:

“What if we made a movie about grandma?”  

It was out of that conversation that “Dirty Laundry” began. A project where our passions, interests, and some novice-to-professional abilities combined.

We knew our Grandma’s story would connect with people. It had already connected with so many people. We discovered a connection that her disease had to many other people affected by it. Victims families, patients with the disease, physicians and researches all across the country all helped inform our growing knowledge of the cancer that took our Grandmothers life.

“What if we rode our bicycles across the country to meet people affected by Mesothelioma to help us better understand our Grandmothers untimely death?”

Now Conor raced on a cycling team and Zack, never one to shy away from a physical challenge, we’re both just delusional and motivated enough to go for it.

So now we’re sharing our journey with you.

We’re glad you’re here, whether to learn more about mesothelioma, see some bikes, or to be entertained. Or whatever else brought you here.

There’s a lot that we learned about mesothelioma, asbestos, ourselves, and our grandma through this journey. And we still don’t have all the answers. We just want to share our story with as many of you as possible and maybe, just maybe, give people something else to think about when they hear the words ‘asbestos’ and ‘mesothelioma’ other than what they see on a advertisement.

  • Conor, Zack

Conor B Lewis