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Why did a 90-year old grandmother and housewife, from a small suburban town in Illinois, die from a rare form of cancer that has only one cause: exposure to asbestos dust?  Her grandsons, cousins Conor Lewis and Zack Johnson, set out on a cross country bike ride with a camera crew and a mission: to gather information on the death sentence disease known as mesothelioma, their grandmother’s cause of death. From California to New York, they interview surviving family members, doctors, activists and members of communities still living with active, toxic asbestos sites. The documentary reveals the stark reality of corporate dissembling and apparent disregard for lives lost, and lives still being placed at risk, from the continued manufacture and use of asbestos, the creation of open asbestos waste sites, and the reckless excavation of contaminated ground. The film is engaging from the opening scene, with a uniquely personal but focused approach to the interviews and commentary, involving the viewer intellectually and emotionally. You cannot avoid being affected by this film.

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